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Since 1999 we have been working with so many great companies. Please go to our sponsors site and look at all the great products that they have to offer and try some of their quality fundraisers.

 Olde Westport Spice

We are a 31 year old company that offers a healthy alternative to candy bars or popcorn.  We offer 30 minute soup mixes and grilling spices with a price point under $10.00.  We give you free shipping with a 100 item order, we even have a cash prize program.  Check out our website or give us a call 1-800-537-6470.  

 Essante Organics Fundraising

Our products are green, organic, and toxic free as well as highly consumable! We create a free website personalized with your organizations name! Your campaign is completely free and we provide continuous marketing support to help you reach your goals!You’ll never again have to worry about baking cakes, hosing down cars or having your children go door to door. With Essanté Organics fund raisers there is no inventory to maintain and no cash box to keep track of. Essanté Organics products are highly consumable products that people need and use every day. Every time these popular daily-use products are purchased from your site, your website rings up a sale, so fundraising occurs for you organically! Essanté Organics keeps the FUN in Fundraising



  Golden Harvest  

It is good for putting $3,000 to $5,000 or more in your group's treasury with each truckload sale. Golden Harvest citrus is available November through March so you can have a sale each month with a broad spectrum of fruit: Oranges (Navels, Temples, and Valencias), Minneola Tangelos, Tangerines, and of course, those delicious Red Grapefruit. With these varieties you will have built-in repeat customers! Why? Because Golden Harvest sells only top quality Florida citrus and Florida citrus, nationally advertised and known worldwide, practically sells itself!

EZ Fund

Boost your sales  during this down economy with these great low priced  products : $10 Cookie Dough, Smencils - $1 Seller(Gourmet Scented Pencils made from recycled newspapers), Gourmet Lollipops - $.50 Seller andHealthy Snacks Satisfies most state school health requirements and are great tastingWe also have other greatfundraising products like Candy, Popcorn and Coffee.Earn up to 50%PROFIT. All products 100% guaranteed. In the last 10 years,EZfund has raisedmore than $25 million for fundraising groups just like yours. Call (800)991-8779 to get started. 


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