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  January 2012
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Welcome to the first addition of the 2012 Fundraising Directory Newsletter.  We have a new sponsor for the newsletter this month,
Thanks to their help we are bringing you this edition of our newsletter.  I do hope to bring all of you more copies during the year.


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Updates in the Fundraising World
Fundraising activity is in full swing this season. Government cutbacks have placed great stress on school budgets throughout the country. Parents are having a difficult time making ends meet.
The fundraiser offers the schools and parents a solution to solve some of these problems.
The school initiates a fundraiser and the activity fees are paid as a group. This avoids any individual stigma for any parent or student who cannot afford to pay for these activities. 
It looks like this problem is here to stay and will probably worsen as the economy stumbles.
David James Gourmet Coffee offers a fantastic product with a very lucrative profit margin for the fundraiser.

David James Gourmet Coffee markets a fundraising program in all 50 states and is having great success in the cash-poor school market. Our fundraising program allows individuals and groups to set their goals and raise the necessary money they need for their specific activity. Schools, booster clubs, churches and individuals are finding our David James Coffee Fundraising Program to be a very easy, smooth and lucrative. features a 4-step training video guaranteeing success. There is no cost involved to view our videos or do our fundraising program.
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Fundraising at School                                           By

Fundraising is the method of obtaining money or other resources with the aim of requesting and bringing together donations whether it is from individuals, groups, businesses, agencies or foundations. Fundraising is not always for non-profit organizations but also for those who intend to create profit, like profit enterprises. The reason for fundraising may differ greatly, such as raising money for religious groups, political campaigns, researchers for human rights, as well as many others.
School fundraising often becomes a task for parent groups. The school which is undertaking fundraising might have different aims or intentions. There are fundraising events held in preschools, elementary school, middle, high and even in private schools. The intention of fundraising initiatives can range from school choirs, bands, drama or theatre productions, music programs, bands, academic clubs, scout troops, dance groups and sports teams.
Below are some tips on how to make fundraising at school successful:
1. Past successful methods of fundraising are worth being repeated
2. For new ideas of fundraising, make sufficient research in advance of the event so gauge what resources you need
3. Always use well recognised products or words to explain what will be happening
4. Good organisation leads to a great fundraiser - put someone in charge.
There are millions of school fundraising ideas you can find on the internet, here are some of them that might be interesting for people to buy:
1. Candle fundraiser. Children will create a candle with various options of fragrance that will decorate the room because of its elegant colour and designs.
2. Holiday flower sale. A beautiful bouquet of flowers to freshen the room can be placed in vase, or flower in a pot and sold to create a profit.
3. Cheesecake fundraiser. Nobody can resist a delicious cake, with cute decorations, made from good quality ingredients, and even extra flavours of strawberry and chocolate for example. Create a tempting cheese cake, which is affordable and interesting.
4. Sweets Sale. Everyone loves sweeties! You can buy sweeties and create various competitions to see the sweets - like tombolas or lucky dips.
5. School Christmas cards. Children at school with a good imagination can create amazing drawings either with pens or crayons. There are many printing companies that can print and distribute your cards.
My name is Ben Camelas a teacher who normally writes in newspapers and magazines about schools fundraising and schools fundraising ideas, don't hesitate to get in contact.

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