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Fundraising Check List

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                                                                       Tips to a Successful Fundraising Season  


                                                                                           By Janet Strachan


                                          Choosing the Right Fundraising Program  


o    Research the internet for your best fundraising options. 

o    Look for  fundraising products that your parents want to sell. 

o    Choose programs that are financially right for your organization. 

o    Look for fundraising companies that have at least 5 years of experience. 

o    Make sure the company you choose has great customer service 

                                                       Your Fundraising Kickoff 

o    Make a list of volunteers. Call and ask for help. 

o    Make a flyer that outlines your start & end dates. Make sure to include your prizes incentives. 

o    Ask the principle for an assembly   to introduce your fundraiser and prizes. 

o    In speaking with teachers and staff, promote the fundraiser. (Teacher/staff incentives work) 

o    Count out brochures for each classroom/team. 

o    Ask parents to get involved and help. Reach out through phone, e-mail, Facebook or text. 

o    Stay Positive. Your attitude will determine the overall success of your fundraiser. 

                                                 Wrapping up Your Fundraiser 

o    Gather all orders 

o    Check back for late orders. Set a final date for late order turn in. 

o    Calculate all orders according to instructions given by fundraising group. 

o    Each order should be marked cash, check or money order. 

o    Note who you received each check from.   

o    Send in all paperwork to the fundraising rep/company 

                                                      Receiving your Fundraiser 

o    Schedule a delivery time with fundraising company 

o    Call all volunteers to help. 

o    Create a parent sign off sheet to verify accuracy of order. 

o    If your order does not arrive pre-sorted, sort product by type of product according to original order form. 

o    Sort order forms by teacher. 

o    As each parent arrives, assign a volunteer to pull the order. 

o    Have the parent double check their order and sign off verifying the accuracy of their order. 

o    Thank each parent/volunteer for helping. (Small volunteer gifts are always appreciated) 


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